August 15, 2015

OCC Lip Tar/RTW - Hack

I love Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics. I live by their Skin Conceal products and I own about a bazillion and a half Lip Tars.

As much as I love the Lip Tars, application and retouching the product can be a pain in ass. While carrying around a small tube and a small brush doesn't sound too elaborate, it just isn't as easy as opening up a twist-off tube and applying with a doe-foot applicator like a standard lipgloss. Plus, I can't just throw the brush back into my makeup bag without streaking color on the insides. So, when I saw some buzz online about OCC releasing a Ready-To-Wear (RTW) version of their famous Lip Tars, and I was initially pretty excited.

However, after reading that the Lip Tar/RTW would be the exact same formula that's inside the original tubes and that there's a massive price spike per fl oz., I just couldn't justify the $15 price tag of something that I already own. So, I took matters into my own hands - I went on eBay and bought a 5-pack of empty lipgloss tubes with wands (like the ones here) for less than $5 and decided to re-tube my Lip Tars. I also decided to not purchase standard "hard" tubes like the ones that RTW come in because one of the perks of the original Lip Tar packaging is that I won't lose out any of my product by not being able to reach it (I call this The-Coin-Between-Car-Seats Effect).

Once it arrived, I just squeezed out the contents from one Lip Tar tube (I chose Vintage) into the new one. It was very much like squeezing a toothpaste tube to get the very last drops. And with the aid of a Sharpie, I labeled that sucker so I knew which shade I was using. Fans of the original Lip Tar packaging were worried that the doe-foot applicator would simply apply too much product. And if you're an Lip Tar user, you know that less-is-more when it comes to this product. However, I found that I had much more control over how much product was on my applicator, as I could simply "scrape" the excess into the tube.

Plus, my brushes that came with the original Lip Tar are all close to fraying and, with this new applicator, I'm able to create cleaner lines on my lips. Yes, it's not as pretty as the original or the RTW packaging, but it does its job. Also, I think that this method would be great for fans of the Lip Tars to mix-and-match their favorite colors to get unique shades and be able to carry it with them for retouches without having to re-mix.

Saving myself $15/shade with some ingenuity and looking good doing it? Priceless.

May 07, 2015

Long Time No Talk!

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates on this blog! It's been a whirlwind of events since my last post.

Long story short, I've purchased my first home! And it's been so stressful and exciting and amazing and also the biggest time-suck ever! I really hope to update this blog a bit more with stuff about the bachelorette life - trying to save money, eating out less and cooking at home more, and home decor.

It's really nice to have my own space like this because I can literally do whatever I want. Eat breakfast with no pants? Done. Nail up really arbitrary fan art to my walls? Done. Play The Lord of the Rings trilogy (Extended Edition) on a constant loop? Done (and I actually did do this when I didn't have cable or internet hooked up).

In short, my life is finally settling down after buying this place. I will post more things in the near future. And, thus, I leave you with a picture of my adorable cats napping.

August 19, 2014

Facelift & Updates!

Made a simple new layout for this sucker. Nice, clean typography. And look to the right! That would be my face.

I apologize for the lack of updates on here. I have a lot of things coming down the pipeline, though - reviews, recipes, makeup tutorials, a new series of Allergy Crusher! posts. So, keep checking in!!!

August 01, 2014

Grown Up Things - Buying a Home

So, with all the hoopla that has been involved with prepping for and attending San Diego Comic Con, I actually kind of forgot the other major life event that I'm going through:

I'm house-hunting (actually, condo-hunting…but same difference).

It's really weird to think that I'm trying to buy my own little piece of property. It really feels like something that you should be doing further down the road in your life. It's like…when you're a kid, you have a mental image of what you want to do when you're grown up. Living a grown-up life, working your grown-up job, doing grown-up things - like taxes or some shit.

But I'm such a kid-at-heart that forget that I'm 27 and grown-up time is here. I've been looking a bunch of places with our real estate agent (the same wonderful woman who helped my mom and my two aunts find their current homes). And the process has been kind of fun - visiting these other properties and imagining yourself living there. But I've been looking at so many places, that I've actually just kind of accepted the process of being just that - looking.

So, when I actually found a place that I loved, it was weird to discuss submitting an offer for it. After looking at so many places, I kind of accepted the process as just looking at empty properties and walking away empty-handed. Nothing more. I kind of forgot that submitting an offer was the next step.

But I did it. I officially submitted an offer for a property in Sherman Oaks yesterday along with a lovely letter to introduce myself and why I feel like I am the best fit for the place. The letter may help, or it may not. At the end of the day, I wouldn't blame the sellers if they went with the highest offer. But I wanted to exhaust every option to help my offer get accepted.

Mentally, I've already moved in. I see myself in that condo with my cats (oh, did I tell you guys that I adopted two kittens…last year? I'm super punctual), making dinner on a BBQ grill on the balcony. And afterwards, I'll go for a run on the jogging path at the park across the street. And the driving commute to my work is pretty much cut in half because I dodge all the traffic. It would be an absolute dream.

July 29, 2014

A Virgin's Guide on How to Survive San Diego Comic Con

A few years ago, I read on Tumblr, "When I die, sprinkle my ashes at Comic Con, because that's the only way I'm ever getting there." While it's funny, it felt so remarkably true. I have tried for years to get into San Diego Comic Con. Either, the badge registration day totally slipped my mind or I was just shit-out-of-luck when logging into their EPIC Registration system (a total joke, by the way).

But this year, I was fortunate enough to get approved for press passes along with one of my good friends. I'm really new to conventions as a whole, having only attended Anime Expo about five years ago, last year's Comikaze, and this year's WonderCon. This con would be a little bit different though, as I would be going all four days. I learned quite a lot on my trip to San Deigo this past week, so I thought I would compile a neat little guide of Do's and Don'ts for attending SDCC:

1. Shoes
I can't stress this enough. Wear comfortable shoes. People always say that, and it's really easy to overlook that hint (because almost always, cute overshadows practicality). But I was absolutely suffering during one of the days because my shoes (cheap plimsolls from Urban Outfitters) have absolutely no support. The best shoes that I brought that were surprisingly comfortable were strappy sandals from Anthropologie. Whodda thunk?

These shoes are the goddamn devil!

Also, one of the flaws that I found at the convention center is that there isn't any kind of seating on the convention floor aside from the twenty or so chairs in front of food counters (unless you go upstairs and park yourself on gray carpeting). And you can't sit on the floor, by order of the fire marshall, as we were repeatedly told. So, leave your stilettos at home. Unless you're cosplaying.

2. Eat
Don't be a dummy (like me) and go without eating for over six hours. The con is mentally overwhelming and physically exhausting. Pack a few snacks with you or grab a burger or salad at the convention center. Eat in long lines, because (trust me) you'll be in a lot of them. You might as well refuel at these points in your day. Especially if your miraculously get into Hall H and wait for four hours for the panel that you really want to see.

My saving grace

Also, hydrate! You're in San Diego in the middle of July surrounded by a bunch of warm bodies. No matter how high they crank that AC, you're gonna need to replenish the water you may be losing in your body from sweating (or crying - no judgement here). Bring your own bottle of water, too. Concession stands charge $3.50 for a bottle. And, as someone who is very particular about the "taste" of water, I have to say that the water fountains at the San Diego Convention Center is quite flavorless and wonderful.

3. Keep It Moving
Be considerate and don't stand in the middle of busy walkways between booths. That's so incredibly infuriating. I mean, there are THOUSANDS of people in this building. And it's really rude to just stop dead in your tracks just so you can take a picture of a fiberglass Incredible Hulk statue. Step to the side or keep going.

Okay, so I broke my own rule when I took this. Totally worth it.

4. Reduce Your Odor
I really don't know why people don't shower or apply deodorant or perfume when they know they're going to be in tight quarters with a bazillion other people. Can't tell you how many times I've walked through a densely packed crowd and caught a whiff of the familiar acrid, pungent aroma of BO. Sometimes, even urine. Come on. Be respectful to yourself and your fellow con-goers.

Even dry shampoo when you may not have time for a full-on bathing. No Drought from Lush smells like limes!

5. Have Fun!
It's really easy to let all the madness at Comic Con get to you. But the most important thing is to have fun. As one of the biggest events of the year, a lot of people have come together to make sure that you have a good time. Take in everything and meet new people. Try to get your hands on that exclusive inflatable Bee and Puppycat sword (like me). And totally lose your shit when Biz Markie comes out to sing "Just A Friend" at the 21st Century Fox/Book of Life panel.

More photos from SDCC 2014 to come!

June 06, 2014

Mixtape - 01 - Running For Your Life

I started training for the LA Marathon last month.

It feels so weird typing that out. In reality, I have only mentally committed myself to running a half marathon in Big Sure, CA in November. That is already pretty daunting, but add on the fact that I do not run AT ALL and it's twice as daunting. But for the past two years, several of my friends have ran the LA Marathon. And it's been a trickling effect of inspiration within our group of friends. So, come March 2015, I'm doing it. I hope. God, I hope...

Anyways, as with most runners, music is crucial. It helps you keep your pace, it inspires you, it calms you, and more. So, I thought that I would share my current running mix with you all:

Run For Your Life (Spotify)

01 // Kenna - Chains
02 // MNDR - Feed Me Diamonds (RAC Remix)
03 // Chlöe Howl - Girls and Boys
04 // Ke$ha - Cannibal
05 // M.I.A. - Come Around
06 // RuPaul - Sissy That Walk
07 // Britney Spears - Work Bitch
08 // Jessie J - Mamma Knows Best